Ready Set Go Theatre Company


Something is rotten in the state of Georgia

​On February 27, 2017 Ready Set Go Theatre Company presented a staged reading of the next installment in our Online Shakespeare Series : HAMLET. 

Follow Hamlet, Ophelia, and wise Polonius among the abandoned mills of the Oconee, the gold trimmed sunlit rotunda of the Old Governor’s Mansion of Georgia and the haunted terraces of Rose Hill Cemetery (home to Duane Allman and rumored final resting place of the Confederate gold). The blooming azaleas, vibrant architecture and strong, diverse people of central Georgia are our Denmark. Our Hamlet, daughter to a murdered mayor and niece to her mother’s new beau, must choose between avenging the past and protecting the future. 

The event was incredibly successful!

Our company of talented actors brought the series to life for the first time. Proceeds of the reading will help fund the first leg of this project as the company travels to Georgia to workshop with student artists at Georgia College & State University, as well as Baldwin County High School.  The series will be filmed in 2018 with these students working both in front of and behind the camera side by side with our professional artists.

We look forward to celebrating RSG's next big venture with you.

Thank you for your generous support!