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why web series shakespeare?

Any educator bringing Shakespeare into the classroom is providing a difficult but immensely important service to their students. We at Ready Set Go would like to provide these additional tools to supplement the educator’s classroom and bring the study of Shakespeare to life. When Shakespeare is made accessible and exciting to students in a fundamentally modern and visual way, students are discovering why Shakespeare continues to be one of the most deeply influential backbones of the literary world.

With our Ready Set Go Shakespeare web series and attached recommended curriculum, we provide classrooms with a companion tool to help students take a visual, modern leap into a timeless world. Our web series provide students a chance to “see” the plays in modern, abridged context while they study the text in its longer form. The curriculum and lesson plans provided take these web series to the next level and serve to tie them into the text, highlighting the thematic, poetic, and plot devices in both. Lesson plans are adjustable by length, age group, and depth - whether educators are seeking a 2 day workshop for high school students, or a 6 week course for middle schoolers, we are able to provide accordingly. Lesson plans are also tied into the modern-day world - just as we do in our web series, we seek in our plans to discover the links between the themes, events, and struggles of Shakespeare’s world and our own current events today.



At Ready Set Go, our mission is to bridge the gap between Shakespeare and accessibility that is so often a hurdle for the modern-day student. The works of Shakespeare continue to be one of the most influential teaching tools that we as educators can bring to a classroom. With timeless themes, well-made structure, and soaring language, Shakespeare’s plays serve as foundational touchstones for the English classroom. The struggle can lie in “cracking the surface” - how do we create excitement and passion in the modern day student for works that can feel difficult to initially access? 

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